Workshop on Multimodal e-Coaches @ ICMI’2020

October 29, 2020


e-Coaches are promising intelligent systems that aims at supporting human everyday life, dispatching advices through different interfaces, such as apps, conversational interfaces and augmented reality interfaces. This workshop aims at exploring how e-coaches might benefit from spatially and time-multiplexed interfaces and from different communication modalities (e.g., text, visual, audio, etc.) according to the context of the interaction.

This workshop is co-organized by several EU consortia who are currently developing e-coaches in the context of the H2020 programme. Please check the Organizers page for the full list.

For further details on how to participate please read the Call for Papers. We invite researchers interested to share their ideas and findings in this field to submit a paper by August 24, 2020, August 31, 2020 on EasyChair. An extension is possible upon request by email. 

The workshop is held remotely in conjunction with the 22nd ACM Conference on Multimodal Interaction scheduled for 29 October 2020. Please see the programme page for further details on the workshop.