The ICMI workshop on multimodal e-coaches  will be held on Thursday, October 29, from 2PM to 4.45 PM (CET). It will be held remotely, through the Zoom software. 
Please remember to register to the workshop on the conference web site in order to be able to join the workshop.

Programme (final):

14.00 Welcome
14.05 Workshop Introduction
14.15 Participants’ introduction 
14.25 Keynote Speech by Oresti Baños (University of Granada) “Measuring human behavior to inform e-coaching actions”
14.45 First Presentation Session (8 minutes per presentation) - Comments and Questions on Miro Board

- Andoni Beristain (VicomTech) - Virtual coaching for older adults at home using SMART goal supported behavior change

- Irina Paraschivoiu (University of Salzburg) Coaching Older Adults: Persuasive and Multimodal Approaches to Coaching for Daily Living

- Johannes Kropf (Austrian Institute of Technology) - Transforming rehabilitation to virtually supported care - The vCare project

- Mohamed Ehab (October University for Modern Sciences and Arts) - iSwimCoach: A smart coach guiding system for assisting swimmers free style strokes

15.30 Break (15 minutes)
15.45 Second Presentation Session (8 minutes per presentation) - Comments and Questions on Miro Board

- Mira El Kamali (HES-SO) - Multimodal Conversational Agent for Older Adults’ Behavioral Change

- Zoraida Callejas (University of Granada) - Measuring and fostering engagement with mental health e-coaches

- Jacky Casas (HES-SO) - Trends & Methods in Chatbot Evaluation

16.10 Main questions for the speakers from Miro Board
16.25 Analysis of Miro board themes, discussion, and definition of future research directions 
16.40 Closing remarks

After the workshop, the PM-15 consortium will discuss in a separate meeting the advancement of the respective H2020 projects.